The Lonely Planet Discover Peru guide brings the most relevant and up-to-date information - with itineraries ready for all budgets - for those who want to make an unforgettable trip tailored. Discover mystical attractions such as Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and the Nazca Lines, explore the mountain ranges and Lake Titicaca and explore the cosmopolitan life of Lima and Cuzco - all with your best travel companion. Whether it's a backpacking trip or a luxury trip, Lonely Planet helps you plan! Only in the Lonely Planet Discover Peru guide: - tips to save time and money and avoid tourist crowds; - highlights and itineraries to help you plan Casino en Linea your trip tailored; - sincere reviews for all budgets: must-see attractions, where to eat and buy, among others; - more than 70 color maps and various images of each region; - essential information: opening hours, telephone numbers, prices, websites and transportation tips; - language: phrases ready to cope with any situation; - detachable map of the city and the transport network.

As if the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu was no more than enough reason to land in Peru, the reader can now prepare his historian, adventurous and gastronomic side to discover casino en ligne payant hundreds of other reasons to explore this South American country - starting with amazing cuisine from its capital, Lima. The Lonely Planet Peru guide, now released by Globo Livros, details in its almost 600 pages, filled with maps, the wonders of this magical land, of exuberant culture and nature. Each of Peru's 10 regions receives an exclusive chapter in the guide, which also includes practical information and sections dedicated to the country's history, arts and ethnic and cultural background. This makes it easier to choose your destination. Cosmopolitans, for example, will get lost in the pages of Lima, with its internationally renowned restaurants - which mix Spanish, indigenous, African and Asian influences - and world-class museums, such as MuseoLarco and the unmissable Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Arqueologia e Historia del Peru. Amateur archeologists, by the way, will certainly Twin Casino be attracted by the winding Inca Trail, a four / five-day hike through majestic mountains, lined with emerald green vegetation, and the city of Cuzco, the former capital of the Inca empire that still holds ruins from that time. mysterious. Baroque churches and charming little streets complete its charm.

From there, passing through the labyrinthine Sacred Valley, we proceed to Machu Picchu: it is time to be amazed at the astute engineering left six centuries ago by the Incas. More traces of the past are found in towns like Arequipa and Chan Chan, the latter the largest pre-Columbian city in the Americas. Don't be alarmed if, when you get to one of them, you run into a llama pulled by a leash. Those beautiful typical ponchos also always color the urban scene. Nature lovers, on the other hand, will go crazy with the diversity of landscapes of the Parque Nacional del Manu, which covers Andean peaks, cloudy forests and a part of the Peruvian Amazon, in all its green and humid grandeur. The famous Lake Titicaca and the Canonn del Colca, where you can make radical trails, are other magnetic points for adventurers. Surfers also can't miss the waves on the North Coast. But it is not just lists of attractions that guide Peru lives on. In it, the traveler also clarifies practical doubts (Where do vegetarians eat? Where to go in case of an emergency? How to avoid counterfeit soles?) spelautomater online And understands cultural issues in the country, such as the famous sings in the style "mi amor" (run away from them!) . In general, however, there are no major challenges: Peru is a practical country, with ATMs in all major cities, cable TV in most accommodations and good restaurants everywhere. Five authors with extensive experience in each corner of Peruvian territory sign the guide, which does not hide secrets about the country. Just choose your itinerary, prepare your bags and take off to one of the most mystically charming lands on the planet.

In this guide we share with you all the necessary information for your trip to Peru, specifically to Lima, Cusco and nearby attractions, the Sacred Valley and its must-see attractions, Machu Picchu, Puno and Lake Titicaca. All travel planning is covered in detail and you will have the following information: when to go, financial planning, travel alternatives, passport or ID, visas, tickets, accommodation, vaccines, insurance, cash and cards, communication, electrical outlets, languages and vocabularies, itineraries, luggage, travel apps, care during the pandemic, care before the trip, shipments, IRS procedures when leaving Brazil, plane travel, immigration, customs, transfers, urban spielautomaten spiele transport, car rental, shopping , Freeshop, food, tourist attractions, Embassies and Consulates, procedures of the Federal Revenue upon arrival in Brazil, in addition to fundamental tips to make your trip a pleasant and unforgettable one. Come with us! Let yourself be transported to the world of emotions.